Who We Are

We are guided by passion for professional journalism, invention and commitment to operational excellence.

We are driven by the excitement of building technologies and providing services that change lives. We follow a strict unbiased editorial and reporting policy that gives ample space to imperatives that affect the public and influence the welfare of the Jordanian economy. We are here to inform in new and compelling ways. We are here to inspire and drive positive change. We are here to connect people and enable businesses. We are here because the world needs less of the same and more of the special.

We are a new lease on life; we are The Business Reel.

Our Values

Our values are our guiding light. They drive the way we work together and how we show up for our community, and shape what we aspire to be. They influence our business decisions and how we ultimately serve our customers.

As creators of high quality and distinctive content, we are true specialists who are passionate about their subject matter and care about delivering a high-quality experience for our audiences and fans.

We will target high-value audiences that others find challenging to attract, engage and aggregate. We will  also be highly efficient and effective in reaching these audiences and turning them into active fan communities.

We are here because we are passionately curious. We seek to understand and ask the hard questions to get closer to truth and understanding. To be an effective explorer of ideas, we venture beyond comfort and actively seek out alternate perspectives.

This is because we are constantly looking for and innovating for what is to come. We will never stop looking for innovative new ways to revolutionize culture and improve the way our audiences experience the world.

We push ourselves to stay at the forefront of business content, real estate, art, design, entertainment, fashion, wellness, current affairs, traveling and all the things that make life worth living.

Advertisements and content focussed on a specific experience, a narrowly defined theme or a fan community are more likely to be followed, viewed, be brand safe and in the right context for clients.

We believe that information is power. Our purpose is to unlock information and empower our people, customers and partners to make better decisions.

We believe trust is earned and we will work hard to earn it each and every day.