Aqaba Development Corporation Signs Agreements with Abu Dhabi Ports Group

AD Ports & Aqaba Development

On Sunday, the Aqaba Development Corporation signed multiple strategic partnership agreements with the Abu Dhabi Ports Group, which operates ports, industrial cities and free zones in Abu Dhabi.

The deals aim to develop and improve tourism, logistics, transport and digital infrastructure in the city of Aqaba. According to the AD Ports Group, work will involve developing the King Hussein International Airport, Marsa Zayed cruise terminal, advanced digital port community system and a multipurpose port.

This “strategic” partnership will contribute to “creating investment and job opportunities, while also advancing the role of Aqaba as a key regional hub in trade, logistics, and maritime and air transportation,” said the Aqaba Development Corporation’s Chief Executive, Hussein Alsafadi.

In September, AD Ports partnered with Aqaba Development Corporation to establish a cruise terminal at Marsa Zayed in Aqaba to serve as a gateway for travelers visiting the Red Sea. This terminal marks the group’s first project in Jordan, as well as the first cruise facility outside the United Arab Emirates.

“Collectively, these mega-projects represent one of the most significant integrated transport, logistics and tourism development programs announced in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan in recent years.”

– Chief Executive of AD Ports Group, Mohamed Al Shamsi

According to Shamsi, “These ambitious projects will significantly expand the facilities available to travelers and businesses via sea, land and air. This in turn will help grow the trade and tourism sectors, while strengthening Aqaba’s status as a major regional hub and support the kingdom’s economic development plans.”

Closer Look

The digital arm of the group, Maqta Gateway, signed a deal with Aqaba Development Corporation to establish Maqta Ayla in order to develop and operate an advanced ports community system. This system is meant to oversee communication within the Port of Aqaba, terminal operators, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), Aqaba Development Corporation, Jordan Maritime Commission and additional related stakeholders.

According to a statement by rge group, the system is anticipated to complete approximately two million digital transactions on an annual basis, as well as generate significant cost and time savings, reduce carbon emissions and streamline services.

As for the King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba, efforts aim to boost the volumes of local and international tourism, by ensuring a smooth journey between the airport and the Aqaba Cruise Terminal.

Source: The National


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