AREC Describes Jordan as One of Regional Leaders in Renewable Energy


The Secretary-General of the Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC), Mohammad Taani, said Jordan is among the leading countries in the Arab World in terms of energy transition, which contributes to renewable energy by more than 20 percent in meeting power needs.

During a lecture recently at the Royal Jordanian Command and Staff College (RJCSC) about the future of renewable energy and green hydrogen in the Arab World, Taani said Jordan’s strategic geographical location is an economic catalyst for its future in the energy transition on a regional level. Added to that is its electrical interconnection with all Arab countries and efforts to advance velop the power infrastructure .


The AREC released a statement on Saturday in which Taani pointed out that many Arab countries, including Jordan, have taken practical steps to reach carbon neutrality in 2050.

He also revealed that the volume of Arab investments in renewable energy and green hydrogen is expected to reach approximatly USD1 trillion by 2040. Investment in this sector provides green job opportunities for Arab youth, Taani added.

Jordan has “plenty of trained technical competencies and qualified companies to support the green economy in Jordan and the Arab world,” Taani said.

Taani stressed the AREC’s endeavor to achieve its “noble mission” to serve the Arab world and its governments to achieve energy sovereignty and self-sufficiency through energy transformation and sustainable development.

Source: Petra News

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