Britain’s Favorite Brands


They say you can tell a lot about people by their likes and dislikes. Today, we are exploring British culture through the people’s favorite brands. According to YouGov’s Most Popular Brands for the third quarter of 2021, three out of Britain’s top five favorites are food and snack brand names. 


It comes as no surprise that the nation of “tea and biscuits” favors McVitie’s. Since the early 1800s, the British snack brand has been introducing crowd favorites like digestives and Jaffa cakes. McVitie’s is currently owned by Pladis, the trading name of United Biscuits. Starting from a small shop in an Edinburgh 190 years ago, McVitie’s  has grown to have 20 different products and the biggest share of the UK’s GBP 3 billion biscuit market. 


Second on the list is another British giant and global household staple. Only disliked by two percent, Dettol topped the list of health and beauty brands followed by Colgate, Andrex, Vaseline and Dove. Dettol has been manufacturing cleaning supplies, disinfectants and antiseptics since 1932 and is currently owned by the British company Reckitt. In the third quarter of 2021, revenues reached approximately GBP 3.3 billion. 


This Mars Wrigley product was introduced in the UK in 1936 to become Britain’ favorite confectionery brand. Maltesers came ahead of the UK’s very own Cadbury, followed by Magnum, Dairy Milk and Galaxy Minstrels.  


A little under 200 years ago, Cadbury came to life in the form of small grocery store in Birmingham. Now, the chocolate brand has more than 20 products, in addition to establishing the Cadbury Foundation and Cadbury World. Currently, the brand is available in more than 30 countries and manufactured in more than 10 countries. 


The Danish toy production company came in fifth place amongst Britons’ favorite brands and first among retail brands. Founded in 1932, it is now one of the world’s leading play material manufacturers. Over the years Lego launched countless products and initiatives that serve a greater purpose such as Braile bricks and Lego education.


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