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Real Estate Services

Through our professional real estate services, we will partner with you to accelerate the success of your commercial property and help you achieve your business goals. We are ready to put our expertise in real estate and marketing to work for you by offering landlord representation services, valuation and advisory services, marketing and project management, as well as many other value-added real estate services. From highly complex transactions to time-sensitive deals, we are here to help you unlock your property’s potential.

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Real Estate Services
Real estate services in Jordan
Real Estate Services in Jordan

Landlord Representation

Every property has a story — a unique combination of history and strengths that a property owner or landlord can leverage to maximize a building’s value. Our Landlord Representation Services can help you unlock your property’s potential by developing a deep understanding of your unique space and delivering expertise on the market and the marketing techniques that will showcase your property’s best qualities. We will position your property in a way that attracts and secures the right tenants for you — all while helping you avoid the common pitfalls of the leasing process.


Landlord Representation includes a wide range of premium real estate services:

We will provide you with a range of services, including assessing similar properties in your marketplace, targeting, attracting and securing the right tenants and minimizing your risk with thoughtfully negotiated leases.

Distinguish your building from other properties in the market

Cultivating and highlighting your property’s unique amenities requires a nuanced understanding of the property, local ecology profile and the market at large. It’s also important to showcase the benefits of adjacent tenants and services, as leasing space to complementary businesses can help foster a sense of community that makes the property more desirable. While some selling points are obvious, our Landlord Representation professionals can identify differentiators that might be overlooked. 

Secure the best tenant for your property

We have deep property marketing expertise, which starts with establishing a hierarchy that allows you to focus resources on the highest-quality prospects. Once we have identified prospective tenants, we move them through a transaction filter that begins with creating awareness and then helps establish an understanding of how your property can provide the right space and place that adds value to their business.

Valuation & Advisory Services

Understand and optimize value

Arriving at an opinion of a property’s value is a complex and disciplined process that can significantly impact your business. A well-supported appraisal is often a necessary step in properly promoting a property, choosing the best tenants for a property and closing a sale. Our specialized team can provide vital insights into all property types.

Valuation and Advisory Services include:

We will provide you with a suite of offerings, such as single-asset valuations, portfolio valuation, right of way valuation, lease and cost analysis, litigation support and feasibility studies. With our unique and expanding platform, we continue to attract the valuation industry’s leading professionals and provide a full range of expertise across all commercial property types nationwide. The amount of time required to complete a commercial property appraisal varies depending on the scope of work. While we recommend planning for between two and three weeks, please contact us to discuss your assignment needs. We can complete accelerated timeframes, and will strive toward completing within your required timeframe.

Real Estate Marketing & Management Services

Successful management of your real estate requires skillful stewardship of the physical space, tenant relationships and your reputation in the marketplace. By partnering with us, you will have the attention of best-in-class marketing and real estate advisors who will manage the ever-changing needs of your property to maximize value and tenant retention. Achieving a property’s maximum value per square foot requires attention to detail, an understanding of the nuances of property management and most importantly, an ability to properly market and promote the property to increase its value. We leverage our experience and knowledge in real estate management and marketing to efficiently identify and manage projects that achieve the goals for your property. From mapping projections and celebrity shootings to special events management and hosting, we offer forward-thinking solutions that position your property in the best light.

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