Unemployment Hits Historic Low in Eurozone


The unemployment rate in the eurozone dropped to a historic low during December, according to official figures issued on Tuesday.

According to the official Eurostat statistics agency, the seasonally shifting unemployment rate stood at seven percent in December compared to 7.1 percent in the month before 2021 and 8.2 percent in January 2020.

“The eurozone ended 2021 — the year after the worst recession since World War II — with its lowest ever unemployment rate. A testimony to the success of our collective response to this crisis.”

– EU economics affairs commissioner, Paolo Gentiloni

Eurostat disclosed that approximately 13.6 million people were unemployed in the EU in December, which includes 11.5 million in the eurozone.

In the 27-member European Union, unemployment levels dropped to 6.4 percent in December, compared to 6.5 percent in November and 7.5 percent in January of the year before.

Source: Petra News

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