Goethe-Institut Holds Virtual Closing Event of Entrepreneurship in School Practices Project


The Goethe-Institut Jordanien concludes its activities within the framework of its project funded by the the German Federal Foreign Office “Entrepreneurship in School Practices in Jordan” with a virtual event held online on December 20.

Representatives from the main partner in Germany, the Institute for Economic Education (IÖB)- Oldnburg, participated and members from the partners in Jordan, Queen Rania Teacher Academy, and principles from the partner schools in the project (Al Assriya School, Islamic Educational College, Jubilee School, The Ahliyyah School for Girls and Bishop’s School Amman for Boys, Al-Saadah College Schools). Trainers and teachers who were qualified during the three years of the project participated in the event along with a number of their students that benefited from their teachers’ newly-acquired knowledge presented their entrepreneurial projects and talked about their experience.

“We are pleased to see all the participating categories in this event, to hear from them about their experiences, and to learn about the great impact that resulted from participating in this project. This motivates us to move forward to be able to implement such sustainable impact projects that play a major role in enriching knowledge in topics and areas that serve the individual and the society.”

– Director of the Goethe-Institute Jordanien, Laura Hartz

The Deputy Scientific Director and Managing Director at the Institute for Economic Education (IÖB)- Oldenburg-Germany, Michael Koch, said that this project was not just about transferring knowledge and experiences from Germany to Jordan but was considered an exchange of knowledge and experiences between both parties. He expanded saying participants from Jordan have contributed to this wonderful result with their experience in teaching and their deep knowledge in many related topics.

The Executive Director of Strategic Affairs at Queen Rania Teacher Academy, Abdelmajeed Shamlawi, spoke about the joint work with the German partner, and the steps and discussions through which training materials for trainers and teachers that were prepared during the past three years. He added that work in ongoing on those materials to compliment and match the standards and environment in Jordan.

The principles and representatives from participating schools spoke about the benefits gained by teachers and students and the positive outcomes that reflected on their schools.

According to the Goethe-Institut, all attendees understand that the closing event did not mark the end of the project, but rather the beginning of their own projects in the field of entrepreneurship. Participants also expressed their desire to continue working in their institutions and schools, either individually or in cooperation with the project partners.

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