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The government decided to reduce work permit fees for non-Jordanian workers, which came into force on January 3, following the approval of the 2021 bylaw of work permits for non-Jordanians amendments.

The Minister of Labor, Nayef Steitieh highlighted that the goal of the newly-amended law is to help private sector employers and investors that were severely affected by the coronavirus crisis. He also noted that this will contribute to the reduction of production costs across all sectors and economic activities.

“The move aims to alleviate the burdens shouldered by employers, which will be reflected on production costs in all economic sectors.”

– Minister of Labor, Nayef Steitieh

An Expert’s Viewpoint

Economist Ahmad Awad told the Jordan Times that the reduction of work permit fees will not increase unemployment rates, noting that Jordanian citizens do not normally work in the related sectors.

The recently-amended law regarding work permit fees will have a positive effect on Jordan’s economic growth, he added.

“It’s a positive step in the right direction.”

– Economist Ahmad Awad

Numbers and Details

The Ministry of Labor’s statement said that issuing work permits for foreign workers, both first time permits and renewals, have been reduced by JOD100 to reach JD400, which applies to domestic workers as well.

As for the agricultural, construction and loading sectors, work permit fees have been reduced to JOD850, while those for workers with specialized skills have been reduced to JOD2,200.

The Jordanian Farmers Union expressed its approval of the recent decision, seeing as farmers’ work permit expenses are one of the highest.

“If a foreign worker in the agriculture sector left because they could not afford the work permit fees, there might be no replacement, damaging the sector further.”

– Farmers Union President, Mohammad Oran, to The Jordan Times

Source: The Jordan Times

Photo Credit: Salah Malkawi/ AlMamklaka

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