Gulfood 2022 Provides Marketing Opportunity for Jordanian Companies


The Head of Jordan Exporters Association (JEA), Ahmad Khudari, praised the Kingdom’s participation in the Gulfood 2022 Exhibition.

On Saturday, the JEA released a statement in which Khudari noted that Gulfood 2022, a large annual food and beverage trade exhibition, which was held at Dubai World Trade Center, opened “new” marketing outlets for Jordanian food industry’s products, as contracts were signed by many companies that participated in the Jordanian pavilion.

Khudari said it was “very successful and provided Jordanian industrial companies with a remarkable marketing opportunity to promote their products.”

A total of 36 Jordanian companies operating in the several different foodstuff sectors, including fresh, chilled, ready-made and canned industries, participated in the Jordanian pavilion, he pointed out.

Khudari also noted JEA sought to organize the Jordanian pavilion at Gulfood 2022, which was inaugurated by the Kingdom’s ambassador to UAE, Nassar Habashneh, to enable industrial companies to promote their products and learn about the latest developments in the food manufacturing field.

The exhibition witnessed a “record” turnout of participants and visitors, which was not witnessed in previous sessions, due to the “remarkable” global interest in the food industry that emerged during the coronavirus crisis, and plans aimed to achieve food security globally, according to Khudari.

JEA’s Director General, Halim Abu Rahma, said Jordan’s participation in the Gulfood 2022 was “successful and distinguished”, adding that Jordan’s pavilion received large number of visitors.

Abu Rahma indicated that the JEA began planning to hold other activities, foremost is the participation in SIAL Canada exhibition, which will be held next April, in light of successes made by the Jordanian participation in Gulfood 2022.

Participation in foreign exhibitions constitutes an “important” opportunity to promote Jordanian products and open new markets, he noted, calling for orchestrated efforts among all the various economic institutions to showcase Jordan’s “bright” image and the “remarkable” achievements of the national industry.

Source: Petra News

Photo Credit: Dubai Tourism


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