Jordan’s Trade Balance Deficit Increases 31.9 Percent in 2021

Aqaba Exports

Jordan’s trade balance deficit increased during 2021 by 31.9 percent reaching JOD8.701 billion, compared with 2020 that stood at JD6.595 billion, according to figures from the Department of Statistics (DoS).

According to a report on foreign trade in the Kingdom issued by the DoS on Sunday, the volume of total exports in 2021 increased by 17.8 percent reaching JOD6,643 billion, compared with 2020 which stood at JOD5.639 billion.

Meanwhile, the value of national exports also increased during last year by 19.7 percent, or an amount of JOD6.039 billion, compared to 2020, which stood at JOD5.044 billion, according to the DoS report.

The report also revealed that re-exports stood at JOD604.3 million in 2021, marking a 1.4 percent increase, compared with 2020 which amounted to JOD595 million.

The Kingdom’s imports in 2021 rose by 25.4 reaching JOD15.345 billion, compared with JOD12.235 billion in 2020, the DoS’s figures showed.

Source: Petra News

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