Lower House Budget Deliberations Focus on Poverty and Unemployment

Lower House

On Thursday, deliberations of the Lower House continued over the 2022 draft state budget and the 2022 draft budgets of independent public institutions.

The morning session was led by Speaker Abdulkarim Dughmi, in the presence of Prime Minister, Bisher Khasawneh, and Cabinet members, during which Dughmi announced the Lower House will vote on the two budget bills next Sunday, after hearing the government’s response to the MPs’ remarks.

MP Deliberations touched on the “alarming” poverty and unemployment rates, the “eroded” Jordanian family income, the “declining” purchasing value of the Jordanian dinar, amid uncertainty regarding the ongoing coronavirus crisis and its repercussions on various sectors.

Members also referred to the increasing budget deficit and rising public debt, amid fears price of goods and services will increase again this year, despite government pledges to avoid tax hikes in this year’s budget.

Attending MPs also voiced support for the efforts of Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) and security apparatuses to counter terrorism and criminal gangs.

Moreover, MPS called on ministries to adopt a five and ten-year plans, revamp oil derivatives’ pricing regulations, revisit the fixed fuel tax, better exploit natural resources, improve investment climate, issue a general pardon and support farmers.

Regarding means to tackle the economic crisis, lawmakers called on the private sector to establish national projects that contribute to achieve “real” growth and provide job opportunities.

They also called on the government to exempt the individuals and companies most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic from tax, in addition to improving road, school and health infrastructure.

The House is scheduled to continue deliberations of the two budget bills next Sunday, after 67 deputies spoke over the past four days and 21 MPs made interventions on Thursday.

Source: Petra News


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