Luxury SkyWell ET5 Competes in Jordanian Market


SkyWell ET5, the new electric car that changed the rules of transportation in Jordan through its very solid battery

The East Rocks Company for Construction Equipment had officially announced the launch of the latest luxury model of its car manufactured by the Chinese company “SkyWell” last year, as part of its objective to become a compelling competitive car in the Jordanian market.

SkyWell ET5 will revolutionize the way electric cars are perceived and will eliminate the criticism about batteries, including the relatively short distances on a single charge, as well as the long charging time.

The solid battery of the ET5 202 is considered safer than the most common lithium-ion batteries because its energy density is higher than its conventional counterparts. In addition, SkyWell ET5 is distinguished by the independent driving sensors built into the car body.

SkyWell aims to expand its product range to attract more customers

SkyWell has proven its efficiency on the roads through its high specifications, starting with the appropriate family size cabin, to the special control methods that allow the driver to enjoy many up-to-date technical advantages in addition to safe driving on the roads and controlling the safety distance between the car and other cars. SkyWell will make a difference in the automotive world, especially in Jordan, due to the advanced technologies and special specifications that this car possesses, which enables it to be at the forefront of high-end luxury cars.

The company is a competitive car that relies entirely on electricity and meets the needs of both individuals and families, SkyWell ET5 car gives you the ultimate drive with 520 Km range per one full charge, making it the most powerful in the world.

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