Brand New Villa Units Designed with Style in Dabouq


  • name: Yousef Baarah
  • phone: +962 7 7933 3384
  • Year built: 2022
  • Type: Residential
  • Sold: No
  • Contract: Sale
  • Status: Available
  • Location: Jordan , Amman , Dabouq
  • Home area: 750 m²
  • Lot area: 500 m²
  • Rooms: 4
  • Baths: 7
  • Garages: 3



The project consists of two attached villa units of premium quality in the upscale neighborhood of Dabouq, built on a plot of land of one Dunam (1,000 square metres; 500 sqm for each villa unit), with an internal building area of 750 square meters for each villa.

Each unit is divided into four floors: a basement floor, a ground floor, a first floor, and a roof floor. Surrounding external gardens of 300 square meters for each villa, with garages that can accommodate three cars, and a water well with a capacity of 50 cubic meters. Each villa is also complemented with numerous amenities that make living in villas a pleasure. The project was designed with great care so that each villa gets its privacy within a distinctive, modern and luxurious character, as each villa contains all the means of comfort and modernity necessary for the requirements of the times.

Floors Plan for each Villa:

  • Basement floor: with an internal area of ​​250 square meters, containing a spacious multi-use hall, maid’s room, bathroom, shower, warehouse and laundry room, in addition to a swimming pool of 4 meters width and 8 meters length with a depth of 1.5 meters, plus a bathroom with a shower for the pool.
  • The ground floor: It contains salons and a living room with a fireplace, bathrooms and washbasins for guests. This floor also contains a spacious kitchen connected with salons and the living room. The kitchen is also connected to the garden and the garage to facilitate movement between it and the garage to meet the necessary logistical services and family needs as well as hospitality services (floor area 200 square meters).
  • First floor: It contains three master bedrooms (bathrooms and changing rooms for each room) and a large living room with a fireplace with a balcony connected to the living room (the floor area is 200 square meters).
  • The roof floor contains a master bedroom suite with a fireplace. The room includes a dressing room and a spacious bathroom with a jacuzzi with a wonderful view that can accommodate two people (indoor area 100 square meters and an outdoor space of 100 square meters for terraces).

Construction details, technical and engineering specifications:

  • The foundations of the building are ready-made concrete, with a breaking strength of 250, complete insulation, with full coverage with plastic material, 3 cm thick, posterine insulation, and a 60-strength reinforced iron grid, according to the approved plans and the Jordanian building code, with an additional safety factor and resistance to earthquakes.
  • The building stone is of a rough, first-class type, with different sizes, and a thickness of 4 cm. It is treated and isolated internally and externally from moisture for all facades.
  • The walls consist of a 4 cm layer of stone, a 15 cm thick reinforced concrete layer, 3 cm thick Saudi-made polystyrene insulation, and a 10 cm thick brick layer.
  • Coarse plaster, scaled and squared, and fine sand type plaster made on laser.
  • The roof of the villa and the top of the roof are poured with sloped concrete and insulated.
  • The roof of the first floor is poured with sloped concrete, insulated and tiled.

Finishing specifications, each villa is specially designed and separated, taking into account the privacy of use:

  • Underfloor central heating with a special control system for each room separately in order to save electricity and gas consumption
  • Central air conditioning for the ground floor and an established infrastructure for wall units for each room on the rest of the floors
  • Spanish tiles first-class type to all rooms, salons and bathrooms of the villa
  • An internal elevator serving all floors of the villa with a modern and distinctive interior design
  • Ergonomically designed hanging staircase
  • Gypsum works for all rooms and salons of the finest types of gypsum, first class, resistant to mold and moisture
  • Electrical installations and distribution of electrical loads were based on well-studied engineering plans that take into account all the needs and requirements of the villa in a way to control the amount of electricity consumption.
  • The villa contains a gas tank with a capacity of 2750 liters
  • A gas boiler for each floor in order to save gas and electricity consumption, with sensors at each gas point to prevent any gas leakage
  • All sanitary installations were made using Gulf-made pipes with German technology
  • Established infrastructure for surveillance cameras at the corners of each villa
  • Italian external security doors guaranteed for life
  • All painting works were done using high-quality materials
  • All external works for garages and sidewalks are based on an iron grid and ready-made reinforced concrete with a breaking strength of 250 kg/m2


  • All the aforementioned works are guaranteed by the supplying companies, each according to its speciality.
  • A comprehensive engineering plan for all works will be delivered with a 3D interior design showing all architectural details. A list of contact numbers for the engineering team and all technicians in charge of the works in the villa will also be provided upon request.
  • Villas are exempted from registration fees


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  • Anti-theft safety doors
  • Balcony
  • Elevator
  • Garden
  • HVAC System
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Terrace
  • Underfloor Heating