• Reference: TBR-CL-190620231
  • name: Yousef Baarah
  • phone: 0779333384
  • Type: Commercial
  • Sold: No
  • Contract: Rent
  • Location: Jordan , Amman , Umm Uthaina
  • Home area: 1,440 m²
  • Lot area: 1,000 m²
  • Material: Mixed, Stone
  • Garages: 25



Newly renovated commercial real estate building for lease, located in a focal area of west Amman, in the prominent neighborhood of Umm Uthaina. Built on a gentle and positive sloped lot, which leveled the building up to stood higher than its neighboring properties, offering amazing views of Amman’s city scape. the building is now available for lease and ready to be occupied, either by a single tenant, or multiple tenants.

Consisting of 360 square meters of space per floor, in addition to 180 sqm for top floor’s terrace, and another 180 sqm space for the side entrance and backyard, the three-story building along with its surroundings and rooftop floor, offers a total of 1,440 square meters of usable commercial real estate space.

The side entrance and backyard spaces can be utilized as parking lots, accommodating up to 25 cars. there are also several parking lots in the area. The exteriors of the building have recently been renovated, where the interior part of the building is yet to be furbished, this means that the interiors of the building can be designed, modified and put together to perfectly fit the requirements of interested tenants. The building directly overlooks the vital Zahran street, the Sixth intersection, the Four Seasons, and the St. Regis hotels, and other major landmarks of Amman.


  • Property Types: Commercial-Specialty | Offices
  • Use Types: Mixed Use | Office | Medical
  • Lot Area: 1,000 sqm
  • Leasable Area: 1,440 sqm (entire building)
  • Location: Umm Uthaina, West Amman


Umm Uthaina neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods of the Zahran region, southwest of the Jordanian capital, Amman. Among the most famous landmarks of the region are the Jordan Gate Towers, Umm Uthaina Gold Market, The Golden Gate, and the Four Season Hotel. The area is surrounded by Mecca Street to the north and Zahran Street to the south, and is adjacent to the neighborhoods of SweifiehAbdoun, the Sixth Circle, and Rabieh.

Due to its importance and privileged location, Umm Uthaina is one of the areas where real estate prices are high. In addition to the Four Seasons Hotel, some of the most important hotels are also located in the Umm Uthaina neighborhood, such as the Crowne Plaza Hotel, formerly known as the Amra Hotel, and the Conroy Hotel.

The Umm Uthaina market is considered one of the most expensive markets in Amman because it houses gold and diamond shops. It also has a market close to the gold market, with many shops and clean, tidy and integrated offices. The area contains a number of restaurants, lounges and cafes, which vary in what they offer of food and drinks, as it includes seafood restaurants, grill restaurants, Lebanese food, oriental restaurants, and others that serve sandwiches. The area also includes a group of multiple clinics and health centers.


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