The New Office Address of Choice: Spaces Range from 57 up to 513 M²


  • name: Yousef Baarah
  • phone: 00962779333384
  • Year built: 2022
  • Type: Commercial
  • Sold: No
  • Contract: Rent
  • Status: Available
  • Location: Jordan , Amman , Abdoun
  • Home area: 513 m²
  • Lot area: 977 m²
  • Garages: 114


Brand new office spaces ranging from 57 to 180 meters square, reaching to 977 m² are now available for rent in a modern designed high-end building located in one of the most fashionable and desirable commercial districts in Amman, Jordan. This grand center is a purpose built eco friendly office building centrally located in North Abdoun area for easy accessibility.

The structure design consists of more than twelve thousand square meters of which more than five thousand six hundred square meters net office space and four thousand and five hundred square meters parking space. There are 114 car parking spaces and the building benefits from an adjoining Car Park for 64 cars.

Available Office Spaces for Rent

  • The office spaces are offered for rent, ranging from 57 to 180 meters square net usable area.
  • Office spaces can be joined for special centers, companies or organisations (Office space can reach up to 513 m²).
  • Each floor consists of 977 m²including common areas.

Office Specifications

  • All offices are well insulated with structural double glazing made up of two layers of tempered , tinted glass (U value 1.3) and shading coefficient 0.33 ), specially treated to admit 70% of natural day light yet providing protection from UV rays. Special aluminium sections with thermal block . The above mentioned specifications decrease the need for air conditioning in summer and electric lighting during daytime
  • All offices have windows for proper ventilation.
  • All common areas (corridors, lobbies, and parking floors ) have motion sensors that control lighting in order to save energy.
  • Elevators have VVVR (variable velocity, variable resistance) control for maximum energy saving.
  • Well sealed insulation at slab level between the slabs and the structural glaze with metal trays and rock wool to ensure preservation of heat within each office and sound proofing.
  • All installed split ducted air conditioners have inverter technology to save energy.

Building Specifications

  • Anti-seismic construction.
  • Glass curtain walls on all four elevations, using Schuco Aluminum (Germany) with the highest design requirements, targeting comfort, security, and energy efficiency by the well known Petra Aluminum Company.
  • Guardian double glazing: The glass has high performance properties i.e. double silver with low UV value (1.4) and shading coefficient of 0.33, allowing maximum light transmittance and preserving energy in both the winter and the summer months.
  • High efficiency state of the art Daiken (Japan) Air Conditioning hot and cold (HVAC) slim (24.5 cm) split-ducted units.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) addressable, Smoke and Fire detector system.
  • An independent electric meter, water-meter and water tank for every office.
  • Satellite TV connection to every office.
  • The infrastructure for Fiber Optic Internet access has been established in all offices.
  • Four high efficiency smart Elevators with VVVR (variable voltage, variable frequency motor drive control) Mitsulift (Japan) serve the building.
  • Security;
    • 24 hour surveillance via NVR recording and resident guard.
    • The Center has eighty-nine security high resolution Samsung cameras covering all common areas, three parking levels, the building surrounding area and the parking lot next door.
    • The building has a standby generator to provide continuity of NVR recording in case of a power cut, and provides power to common areas, parking lights and ventilation.
    • All units are provided with security doors, security locks and a magic eye.

Building Design

  • Modern iconic architectural design
  • Excellent functionality to both tenants and their visitors
  • Maximum natural light exposure to all offices with 4 curtain wall glass elevations
  • Offices were designed with no columns in the middle providing maximum flexibility for partitioning and interior design
  • Meticulously designed common areas with attractive and intricate interior design
  • Rock Wool insulation between floors at slab level for sound


The offices center is located in North Abdoun, near the Fifth Circle, opposite the Arab Medical Center, Bristol Hotel, St Regis Hotel and Residence, Sheraton Hotel and Royal Jordanian Headquarters are all within walking distance. The Fairmont, Four Seasons and Carlton Ritz Hotels and Residence are close by. There are several banks in the area; The Arab Bank, AJIB Headquarters, Capital Bank as well as local shops and restaurants.


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