Technology Worth Investing In for the Winter Season

Mujjo Gloves

A lot of people would agree that there is nothing worse than dragging yourself out of a toasty bed to leave the house on a frosty winter day. As the temperature dips and days get shorter, here are a few gadgets to make winter a little easier for summer lovers.

ProFlex Heavy Duty Heated Insoles by ThermaCell

Battery technology has entered the field of portable warmers, keeping temperatures more consistent and ensures longevity. ThermaCell’s heated insoles are thick shoe inserts operated with Bluetooth and a mobile application. With three heat levels, the insoles are meant to keep feet warm from Heel to toe. The fit can be improved by trimming the length of the inserts but be warned the pad is thick and sit better in wider-fit shoes.

Photo Credit: ThermaCell

Pure Hot + Cool Link™ Purifier Heater by Dyson

One of the most unpleasant after-effects of this season is dryness. For those who struggle with the harsh dry air during winter, it might be worth investing in this  heater and built-in air purifier, that heats and circulates air indoors. After using this device, users reported back saying it helped with their asthma and allergies even in homes with indoor pets.

Photo Credit: The Thud

Touchscreen Gloves by MUJJO

With silver-coated nylon fiber technology, Mujjo enables uses to use smartphones without having to slip off their gloves. All fingers are touchscreen friendly, whether you decide to purchase the single or double-layered stretch knit gloves, the insulated or double-insulated gloves, or the leather crochet gloves. The brand prides itself on refining their designs based on customer feedback, then coming out with a new and improved product every time.

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