Threads Might Harm Twitter, it can Never Replace it Though!

Threads vs Twitter

Threads might harm Twitter, but replacing in it is not very likely. The Threads project, aims to leverage Instagram’s users base to take down Twitter, but here is the problem with this:

  1. Google tried this before when they launched their social media network Google+ in 2011, believing, the vast number of listed/active gmail accounts, is an excellent edge, they could leverage, as a base for their newly launched social media portal, yet this proved to be wrong, for several reasons, and google ended up killing this project in 2019.
  2. Twitter’s real value, is its users’ base. The nature of Twitter’s’ users and their impact on politics, is way different than that of Instagram’s. As such, a social media portal that copies Twitter, and aims to take it down, will not be able to succeed, with a base of Instagram users.
  3. Musk is actually doing a good job managing Twitter, regardless what mainstream media, and masses that blindly repeat anything they hear, are telling you.

Under Elon Musk’s management, Twitter has experienced a mix of growth in users and interactions, as well as cost-cutting measures. Musk has directed Twitter staff to pause the testing of new features to ensure system stability, implemented cost-cutting measures, and is effectively operating the company with less than half of the original workforce.

These measures have resulted in certain planned and rapid changes to the platform’s functionality. As he took over, Musk’s guideline was flushing thousands of ‘Woke’ employees, and allowing opposite views to be expressed freely in the Twitter space, and anything against what you’re spoon fed on mainstream media, is a Taboo! It’s Misinformation! You are not allowed to say men are men and women are women…this is misinformation and you’re a bigot. You are not allowed to say Russia is prevailing in its war with Ukraine…this is misinformation and you’re a Putin apologist. And the Threads project was launched, to make sure these facts will remain misinformation!

What we’re witnessing here, is an extension of the battle between warmongers and leftist progressives “Woke” VS an opposing camp led by the likes of Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and Trump, to limit Twitter’s influence on the public and the American elections, and put someone in the white house that will keep escalating with Russia and China, and is unable to define what a woman is.

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