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As the world approaches the two year mark since the start of the pandemic, life is finally going back to normal — minus the face mask and a few other adjustments. With face coverings still a big part of our daily lives, then might as well invest in a number of high-quality options suitable for different purposes and occasions.

Below are a few tried-and-tested options that cater to different wants and needs, which a disposable three-ply face mask never could.

AirPop Light SE Face Mask

AirPop’s mask has been independently certified by many international product testing and quality assurance entities. The peaked shape keeps the face mask off the face making it easier to breathe when it is On. It is also known to be exceptionally comfortable with a cushioned nose seal that absorbs moisture and prevents glasses from fogging up. It can be washed by hand or washing machine to be reused up to 10 times.

Credit: Airpop Health

CastleGrade Respirator Mask

The CastleGrade face masks are reusable products made from lightweight silicone that sits comfortably on the face. The tight silicone seal around the nose stops glasses from fogging up. The mask comes with five four-ply filters, which can be used for one week each. The product can be fully sterilized in a dishwasher or boiling water.

Credit: CastleGrade

Nike Venturer Performance Face Mask

There are many reasons why athletes, and non-athletes, might favor Nike’s Venturer performance mask. It is extremely comfortable and one of the biggest fits out there. The molded 3D shape, with the nose cushion and chin insert, keeps the mask away from the face and the double-strap keeps it fastened in place. It can be washed by hand or washing machine to be reused many times.

Credit: Nike

Bilio Mask

For a more environmentally friendly option, Bilio masks are made with recycled yarn. The manufacturing process does not involve cutting and sewing fabric the wasting scraps. The shape keeps it away from the face and prevents fogging of glasses. However, it is not the best option for active days or working out. Bilio also utilizes antibacterial technology which can help people who suffer from mask-related acne problems.

Credit: Bilio


KN95 Face Mask

A rather popular option nowadays, the KN95 face mask is a disposable product but can be aired out and reused three times. This mask is a more comfortable and effective choice than the standard disposable three-ply face mask. Make sure not to accidentally purchase a fake version, which was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as there are many knock-offs out there.

Source: Wired

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