Visit of Nebraska Delegation to Boost Economic Cooperation

Jordan and USA

On Saturday, the President of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC), Nael Kabariti, said the visit of Nebraska delegation from the US to Jordan is part of the joint cooperation between the JCC and the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC) that aims to boost economic cooperation, scientific research and joint business development between the two countries.

The JCC’s statement said the delegation, which met His Majesty King Abdullah II, was briefed on trade and investment opportunities in Jordan, through a workshop that was held by the JCC and work meetings with a number of ministers and representatives of official entities, universities and private sector institutions.

Kabariti stressed the importance of the few days the delegation visited the Kingdom, saying it helps to enable cooperation, especially utilizing advanced technology in agriculture and water usage, discussing food security and providing a strategic stockpile of food for the Kingdom and the region in general.

He added that this constitutes a strong support for enhancing cooperation between the Kingdom and the American state of Nebraska.

Kabariti, who presides over the Arab side at the NUSACC, stressed the importance of future cooperation and the exchange of expertise and knowledge between the Kingdom and the state of Nebraska in vital sectors, especially food security, agricultural technology, water and entrepreneurship.

Source: Petra News

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