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Understanding what consumers want and how they behave is an essential part of every company’s strategy in order to meet expectations . With an increasing number of consumers depending on social media and online platforms to shop around and review products and services, social listening became a crucial skill worth strengthening and investing in.

Nowadays, the power lies in the consumer’s hands, having more choices and knowledge than ever before, and therefore developed higher demands and expectations. In this day and age, businesses must work hard to stay up-to-date on the latest insights to get and remain ahead.

Social insights enables business owners to find out what consumers say, think and how they are likely to behave in the future. If a company is practicing effective social listening, it will be able to detect and respond to shifting consumer wants and needs in real time.

Benefits of Social Listening

  • Identifying market needs: These insights offer a strategic advantage and leverage to teams developing a new product or service. The grant them access to knowledge about unmet consumer demand and market gaps, which businesses can make use off and guarantee success.
  • Refining go-to-market strategies: Market research, in the form of surveys and interviews, are essential for detecting and quantifying market changes that impact businesses. However, neutralizing social insights enables businesses to find out about these changes as they are happening and detect trends before they materialize.
  • Growing and protecting brands: Consumers make or break brands on social media platforms. Mastering social listening offers insight about every brand’s market health, performance and competitive value.

Source: Ipsos

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