WhatsApp Comments on Releasing iPad App


WhatsApp for iPad has been heavily requested by Apple users yet the Head of WhatsApp at parent its company Meta, Will Cathcart, told The Verge “We’d love to do it,” but did not commit to a release. “People have wanted an iPad app for a long time,” he confirmed.

“We did a lot of work on the technology for supporting multiple devices.”

– Head of WhatsApp at parent company Meta, Will Cathcart, to The Verge 

He continued to explain, “Our web and our desktop apps now have that. If I have multi-device on, I can turn my phone off or lose my network connection and still get messages on my desktop. That would be really important for a tablet app, to be able to use the app even if your phone isn’t on. So the underlying technology is there.”

Why is Whatsapp for iPad Possible Now?

Due to the way WhatsApp encrypts messages, it has not been able to sync chats across devices like other messaging applications. That is why if the application on your phone did not have access to internet connection, the application would not work on the desktop. However, the beta version of multi-device support allows users to sync WhatsApp accounts on up to four different devices simultaneously. Therefore, with the existence of such technology, the iPad app is finally a possibility.

Source: The Verge


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